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Published May 24, 2024

Curbside Laundries and The Laundry Boss Announce Strategic Partnership

For Immediate Release

Norristown, PA – May 24, 2024 – Curbside Laundries, a leader in Point of Sale and Wash Dry Fold Pickup and Delivery solutions, and The Laundry Boss, a pioneer in payment systems, data intelligence, and laundromat management, are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership. This collaboration aims to provide an unparalleled service offering that combines the strengths of both companies to deliver seamless, efficient, and innovative solutions to laundromats and their customers.

Matt Simmons, Co-Founder and Head of Sales at Curbside Laundries, commented on the partnership, stating, “This integration marks a significant milestone in our mission to digitally transform the laundromat industry. By combining our advanced POS and Wash Dry Fold systems with The Laundry Boss’s robust payment and control systems, we are setting a new standard for operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.”

Aaron Simmons, Co-Founder and Head of Technology at Curbside Laundries, added, “We are excited about the technological advancements this partnership brings. The integration will streamline processes for laundromat operators, allowing them to focus more on delivering exceptional service to their customers.”

Jim Garrity, CEO of The Laundry Boss, expressed his enthusiasm, “Partnering with Curbside Laundries aligns perfectly with our vision of enhancing laundromat operations through cutting-edge technology and superior data intelligence. This collaboration will provide our clients with an all-encompassing solution that drives efficiency and profitability.”

Jim Law, CRO of The Laundry Boss, stated, “Our combined expertise and resources will undoubtedly lead to innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of the laundromat industry. We are looking forward to the positive impact this partnership will have on our clients and the industry as a whole.”

This partnership will integrate Curbside’s Point of Sale and Wash Dry Fold systems with The Laundry Boss’s payment and control systems, ensuring a seamless operation and enhanced service offerings for laundromats. Both companies will collaboratively engage in sales and marketing efforts to promote this combined service to new and existing customers, leveraging their respective strengths to maximize reach and effectiveness.

For more information about the integration and how it can benefit your business, please contact:

Curbside Laundries:
Matthew Simmons, Co-Founder
Phone: 562-533-0053

The Laundry Boss:
Jim Law, Chief Revenue Officer
Phone: 888-823-6782

About Curbside Laundries

Curbside Laundries is an industry leader in providing advanced Point of Sale and Wash Dry Fold Pickup and Delivery solutions. Their innovative software and dedicated support help laundromats streamline operations and enhance customer experience.

About The Laundry Boss

The Laundry Boss is a leader in the payment space, offering data intelligence and management solutions specifically designed for the laundromat industry. Their comprehensive platform provides laundromat operators with the tools they need to optimize their business and deliver exceptional service.