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Maximize Revenue with our Laundromat Software & Point of Sale (POS) Solutions.

No hidden costs, just one
flat fee for each machine.

Compatible with all major brands & equipment

Maximize Efficiency & Revenue

Laundry Boss turns your existing laundromat infrastructure into a high-tech arsenal of data. Our laundry management software is designed to streamline your laundry operations.

Track Machine Usage

Cost Analytics

Always-on accessibility

Transaction History & Reports

Web Dashboard

Secure Data Encryption

Laundromat System & Components

We connect every type of washer and dryer. We also supply networking equipment, door lock, camera systems, pedestals, laundromat accessories, and laundromat signage. We provide turn-key system installation services to complete the implementation experience.

Cloud-Based Access

One secure portal for transactions and activity for your laundromat operations.

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Machine Interface Board

The brains of the system that lives inside of each washer and dryer in your laundromat.

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HUB Module

Communication between all of the machines and MIBs in a cloud management system.

Software & Technology Solutions

Laundry Boss turns your existing laundromat infrastructure into a high-tech arsenal of data. Our laundry management software is designed to streamline your laundry operations.

Data & Management

Connect with your laundromat data and real-time customer activity.


Payment Solutions

Digital wallet solutions to make payments easy and fast.

Revenue Growth

Increase laundromat revenue and spend less time on operations.

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Data Analytics for Laundromats

Track each part of the customer lifecycle and understand where and how your customers are making payments. Find opportunities to increase and diversify your revenue sources from understanding the detailed accounting in all transactions for your laundromat business and infrastructure.

Using our comprehensive usage data improves operational efficiency and helps build a customer experience that stands out in the competitive laundromat market. Detailed analytics on machine usage can inform maintenance schedules, ensuring machines are operating efficiently and reducing downtime. This data can aid in determining the most popular types of machines (e.g., high-capacity vs. standard, speed wash options) among your customers, allowing for targeted investments in your equipment portfolio.

Monitor and analyze the usage patterns of dryers and washing machines across different times and days to identify peak usage periods and optimize your laundromat operations accordingly. By understanding the frequency and duration of appliance usage, you can pinpoint opportunities for enhancing customer opportunities, such as by adding machines during high-demand times or offering promotions during slower periods. Dashboards

We provide a comprehensive dashboard that centralizes analytics data for your laundromat, showcasing key metrics and insights on a single UI to streamline operational oversight and strategic decision-making. This features real-time visualization of machine usage patterns, including breakdowns by type (washers vs. dryers), capacity (high-capacity vs. standard), and specific time slots, highlighting peak and off-peak periods. We incorporate tools to track the customer journey, from initial entry to the laundromat through to transaction completion, including preferred payment methods and average spend per visit.

Point of Sale (POS)

Our comprehensive payment solution is tailored to your individual laundromat needs. Transform customer transactions with our intuitive POS system. Integrated seamlessly with our management software, it offers fast, secure payment processing and customer management—all designed to enhance the service experience.

Easy to use mobile app for payments & loyalty


Accepts credit cards, bills, and coins


Turn-key system installation services

Digital Wallet

We provide a payment app & digital wallet for your laundromat customers.

Features & Benefits

Laundromat owners can spend less time working on management and more time working on growth and expansion.

Full Transaction Reporting

Complete reporting of every transaction happening on mobile, credit card, bills and coins, as long as system in place.

Web Control

Log into your web-based dashboard, click on a specific store, and view the status of any individual machine at any moment.

Digital Wallet

Manage specials, provide customers with bonus money, and add value to accounts via cash or credit card.

Unified Data

Our portal provides a single view of business operations for your laundromat with real-time data on machine use and transactions.

Client Success Stories

Find out from our clients on how Laundry Boss helps their laundromat maximize their efficiency and bottom-line revenue.

The ability to remote start any machine has been a game changer. It instantly helps our customers get their laundry done and reduces headaches for everyone if a machine malfunctions. We also love the support we get from the Laundry Boss team for help on using their software.

client image

Anne S.

Store Manager - Shepherdstown, WV

We have seen both an increase in the amount of customers who visit our store as well as an increase in individual sales as people spend more freely on credit and mobile sales. We would definitely recommend Laundry Boss software to other laundry owners.

client image

Jason G.

Multi-Store Owner

We use Laundry Boss in all eight of my vended laundries and the customers are reaching 75% acceptance and use of the mobile and credit card functions. I have reached 100% use of the system in route laundry locations. My staff loves the mobile function when processing wash dry fold.

client image

Dave M.

Store Owner - Westbrook, ME

Laundry Boss has made everyone’s lives easier. It’s simple, convenient and easy to use. Should have done this years ago.

client image

Aditya P.

Multi -Store Owner – Atlanta, GA

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & Answers

Laundry Boss is a cloud-based software and hardware company that enables laundromat owners to receive real-time customer payment tracking.

Through a suite of systems, laundromat owners can provide customers with every possible payment option

  1. P.O.S. system for walk-up wash and fold delivery customers
  2. Self-service kiosks enable customers to decide if they want to pay with a card, coin, or bill. 
  3. The Laundry Boss payment app is the most popular option for self-service customers who are washing their laundry. There are no money or coin transactions, making it safer and faster for the customer and business owner.

All Laundry Boss systems fully integrate through our Machine Interface Boards (MIBs) which capture load-specific data for each machine. Using a dedicated wireless cloud-based system, data is communicated in real-time to customers to track their laundry progress and to the business owner to track machine performance.

Our MIB system tracks your machine’s coin transactions and cashless transactions, so if you want to start migrating to a “coinless” business, the transition for your customers can be gradual.

The Laundry Boss system is built to function in English and Spanish languages and works in facilities that are staffed with employees or unattended. An unattended location can include a hotel, college dorm, or apartment complex.
Every business owner can start a machine remotely, should a customer need your assistance.
Schedule a demonstration today to see how Laundry Boss can be customized for your business.

Laundry Boss has four different tiers of licensing that enables a business owner to start at the lowest tier of functionality and grow into the higher tiers when the business dictates. Our lowest tier level starts at $4 per month per machine. Upgrades are not disruptive and can be discussed with our sales team at any time.

With your monthly service fee, you have remote access to a support team who are available on weekdays to answer any questions, help troubleshoot problems, and assist with your Laundry Boss system. Our US-based team can support you seven days a week. 

The Laundry Boss system is cloud-based and requires internet access. We would work you to set up a backup connection to ensure business continuity during outages in your area. 

 Each washer and dryer gets its own MIB, which comes with a with a four (4) year warranty.  All other Laundry Boss hardware comes with a one (1) year warranty. And, our technical support team is available 7 days a week.

There are two aspects of transactions. When a customer starts a machine with a coin, credit card, digital wallet, or bill, the transaction is completed instantaneously. For those customers using the Laundry Boss app, they will see the purchase in their account.

Deposits from Laundry Boss to the laundromat owner occur the next business day via ACH. The one-day delay ensures you that we have done our due diligence to see that all the customer purchases have been cleared. We don’t benefit from holding payment for one day.
If a customer needs assistance with a refund, we refer them to the laundromat owner so the matter can be resolved personally. If a customer has unused funds, the laundromat owner keeps the float.

The Laundry Boss system accepts all types of payments: coin, bill, credit card (MC, Visa, Discover, AmEx), mobile app, digital wallet.

Privacy is very important to Laundry Boss as it pertains to the relationship between laundromat owner and customer. We do not sell any customer data or make any profit on laundromat-specific data. Data is only used in support efforts to assist laundromat owners in running a better business. The laundromat owner owns the customer list.

Our team of technicians, installers, and business operations are ready at a moment’s notice. Once you sign up, the team gets to work assessing your equipment, determining how to remove old systems, evaluating the laundromat’s hardwire needs and ultimately getting your equipment scheduled for shipment.

There are two store appointments. Pre-installation day walk-through helps us go over any last-minute needs that are specific to your location. On installation day, we request a representative to be present, to answer any questions, and go over the basics of how to use the kiosks, the Laundry Boss attendant app, and the Laundry Boss customer app.

We recommend using our installers; however, you can do it yourself if you desire. Our team will be in your laundromat for approximately 1-2 days and you do not need to close your business. The whole process, from the day you sign up to installation completion, is approximately 60 days.

Laundry Boss is a completely agnostic system, and works seamlessly with all major commercial washer and dryer brands on the market today. These include Continental, Fagor, Dexter, Electrolux, Wascomat, Alliance, Maytag, and ADC. If you have a mixed-brand store, we are a great payment system solution.

The age of the machines is only a limiting factor. As long as the machines allow for pulse and are not mechanical coin mechanisms then our system should work. Give us a call or send an email today for a quick confirmation.

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Find out how Laundry Boss can help you grow your laundromat and use our calendar
tool to schedule a demo with one of our product experts.
Find out how Laundry Boss can help you grow your laundromat and use our calendar tool to schedule a demo with one of our product experts.

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